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Do you have a 1st DUI charge?

Are you facing a first DUI charge, it is very concerning. It is crucial that you act at once and contact DUI lawyer Richard S. Lawson. With our more than 20 years of experience, and your defense managed by a firm that is focused strictly on DUI defense, you can increase the chances of having your charges dismissed, reduced or achieving an acquittal in court. Our founding attorney is a former DUI prosecutor. He has a great depth of experience in jury trials and the various DUI motions that could be filed to benefit to you in your case. Whether your case requires expert witnesses, doctors, investigators or the testimony of former police officers, we have immediate access to the most powerful and effective resources to bring to your defense. Our attorney has extensive training in the science of breath and blood testing, and where these testing procedures can go wrong, and be open to challenge.


A conviction on a first time DUI is not a small legal problem. The minimum jail time in a first DUI is 24 hours; the maximum is one year. The fines range from $300 - $1,000, and license suspension can be up to one year. You will be required to do 40 hours minimum community service, and there are other costs, such as license reinstatement of $210 plus the greatly increased insurance rates you will be paying for years after a conviction. The 30 day rule requires that action is taken immediately if you are hoping to avoid the loss of your driver's license.

Our legal team will take action immediately for you. The first and most important action that must be taken is a review of every detail of your case. The initial stop by law enforcement, field sobriety test administration and evidence, as well as the police report and BAC (blood alcohol concentration) testing must be carefully evaluated. There are often errors in procedure, testing administration or even rights violations in the police stop that may be effective in defending you against the charge. Our firm is committed to pursuing the best possible outcome for you, and we have the track record, experience on both sides of the aisle, and professional skill you want on your side.

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