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What is Arraignment in Georgia?

When arrested for DUI in Hall County, you may hear that you have to appear at your arraignment hearing. It may also be called an initial hearing or initial appearance.  This hearing is where the prosecution announces the charges it has filed against the defendant. At this hearing, you must respond either “guilty” or “not guilty”. 

Arraignment marks the beginning of the criminal process for your DUI charge. Many times it occurs only a couple of days after an arrest, in some cases, it can occur a couple of weeks later.

You have the right to attend your arraignment and hear all of the charges against you. Although few people go through this formal arraignment process, it is your right if you choose so. During this time, you can either state your plea, or not say anything and the judge will enter a not guilty plea in the record on your behalf. Your failure to enter a plea does not stop the criminal process.

Is Arraignment Important?

Yes. The main reason the arraignment is important is because it concerns the filing of motions. You are required to file all motions before or at the arraignment. Motions protect your rights and can make all the difference in our case. To make sure your rights are protected, it is critical that you hire a Hall County DUI Lawyer to file the motions for you.

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