2nd DUI

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2nd DUI Offense: What You Can Expect

A second DUI conviction carries heavier penalties. Those that are considered to be repeat offenders are not treated kindly, as they are considered to be a danger to others. The fines can range from $600 - $1,000, jail time will be from three days to one year, and a driver's license suspension can be for up to three years. Community service requirements are for 30 days.

If you are allowed to legally drive again you may be required to have an ignition interlock device installed (at your own cost) in any vehicle you drive, if the court allows. You will also be required to be enrolled and complete an alcohol treatment program, or may be ordered to an evaluation. A second DUI is a very serious legal problem, which demands that you engage the services of a high quality, professional attorney.


Richard S. Lawson has more 20 years of experience in DUI cases. With a background as a DUI prosecutor, there are few attorneys that have a greater depth of understanding of how to best defend a second DUI. Our firm is exclusively DUI defense, and we have had over 4,900 cases resolved over our years in practice. There is a great deal of scientific knowledge and training that is necessary to successfully defend a 2nd DUI offense. We are trained by the NHTSA as a field sobriety test instructor. We know what to look for in test administration, and how frequently these tests are incorrectly administered.

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