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Ignition Interlock Devices in Georgia

An ignition interlock device is a Breathalyzer that is connected to a vehicle's dashboard and is hard-wired into an automobile's ignition system.  The ignition interlock device will prevent the automobile from starting if it detects the driver's blood alcohol concentration is above the programmed limit.  If the device detects alcohol, it will keep a report of the positive test that is then downloaded by the interlock provider.  Then, the interlock provider will then forward the result to the driver's probation officer, which can result in a probation revocation hearing.

When a Georgia driver has a second DUI in a 5-year period of time, they are required to install the device for 12-months.  The driver will first have a 4 month, hard license suspension (no driving at all).  Then, after the 4-month hard suspension, the driver can apply for a permit once he or she has installed the ignition interlock device.

What Happens if I Tamper with an Ignition Interlock Device?

Over the years, law enforcement has realized some of the flaws with the IID's and these machines have evolved. Now, after the engine starts, the device will randomly require an additional breath sample. If an adequate sample is not provided, the device will simply log the incident and again the failure to provide the sample will be reported to the driver's probation officer. This prevents drivers from having someone else start their vehicle for them because they still have to provide a sample while driving. This ensures a sober driver is the one actually driving.

How Much Does it Cost for an Ignition Interlock Device in Georgia?

If the Court has ordered you to have an ignition interlock device installed in your vehicle, you will have to pay for the device installation and rental fees. Typically, the device installation price ranges from $100-$200 and the monthly fee ranges from $70-$100. These prices do not include maintenance fees or calibration charges. Some shops will not install the devices on luxury cars and classic vehicles because they do not want to be responsible for damaging an expensive or rare vehicle. Before bringing in your vehicle, check to make sure the shop is willing to install the device on your vehicle model. Installation usually takes about two hours to complete.

In addition to the installation and maintenance costs, it should be noted that a positive ID for alcohol will likely result in a probation revocation. You could end up in jail and having to face severe penalties.

Installing an IID on your vehicle is not a decision to be taken lightly. You should discuss all of your options with an Arcade DUI lawyer before committing to this. Contact us today.

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