CDL and DUI Charges

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DUI Charges and CDL Holders

A DUI charge can have harmful effects on any driver but even more so for those with a commercial drivers license (CDL). Commercial drivers are held to higher standards than other drivers and face serious repercussions if convicted of DUI. While the legal limit in Georgia is .08 blood alcohol concentration, commercial drivers are subjected to a lower standard of .04. If you or a loved one drive a commercial vehicle and have been charged with DUI, you need to contact our Hall County DUI Lawyers immediately.

DUI Penalties for CDL Holders

If convicted of DUI in Georgia, there will be a 12 month restriction on driving a commercial vehicle. A second DUI conviction in Georgia will result in a lifetime ban on driving a commercial vehicle.

In addition to driving restrictions, there will also be penalties such as jail time, fines, community service, drug and alcohol abuse counseling, or DUI school.

Lastly, a DUI conviction for CDL holders can result in them having difficultly finding a job in the future. The DUI will stay on their record and many employers choose not to hire people with a DUI.

When charged with DUI as a commercial driver, you need assistance now. As you can see, the penalties can have long-lasting effects. Our team of Gainesville DUI Attorneys have decades of experience defending DUI charges. They are skilled in helping drivers negotiate an alternate conviction in order to save their career. This can be done through obtaining a not guilty verdict, getting the case dismissed, or reducing the DUI to a lesser charge. There are always Hall County DUI defenses available to you and our team will work around the clock for you.

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