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Field Sobriety Testing

Many people are familiar with officers asking drivers to participate in field sobriety tests during a DUI investigation.  However, most people are unaware that you do not have to participate in these tests. These tests can be difficult to complete when a person is sober and there can be additional factors that contribute to your performance. If you have questions about your performance on the field sobriety tests, contact our Hartwell DUI Lawyers today. The types of field sobriety tests officers perform include:

HGN Test:

The first is a test of the eyes, called the horizontal gaze nystagmus, also known as the HGN.  The officer is not too concerned about whether you can stand up straight and follow the instructions, but is judging the driver on nystagmus, which is the involuntary jerking of the eyes.  This test is supposedly reliable because the involuntary eye movements cannot be practiced or controlled.  Central nervous system depressants such as alcohol can cause nystagmus.  If the officer believes he sees this, you will most certainly be arrested for DUI. 

Walk and Turn Test:

This test is just what it sounds like. A person is asked to walk 9 heel to toe steps in a straight line, turn around and walk 9 steps back.  While it sounds easy enough, officers deduct points if you turn around in a regular way instead of doing an unusual spin turn type maneuver.  You also get penalized for starting before instructed to start or raising your arms.  Nerves or general lack of coordination are not taken into account. 

One Leg Stand Test:

The final test is when the officer asks the driver to balance on one foot for 30 seconds.  The officer times you, and your arms must be kept at your sides.  This is difficult for some people to do stone-cold sober, much less on the side of the road, when there are a lot of distractions and people are nervous.

Based on these 3 tests and other manifestations like odor of alcohol, bloodshot eyes, open containers, and mannerisms consistent with intoxication, the officer makes an arrest decision.  Only after you are arrested are you given the option to take a blood, breath, or urine test to determine your BAC.  What is scary to many people is that even if the breath sample is below the .08 mark, you could still find yourself under arrest. That is why it is crucial to contact a Hartwell DUI Attorney as soon as possible after the charges.  You risk losing your license and not preserving other rights and evidence if you delay. 

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