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Courtroom Conduct Rules in Jasper GA

Courtroom conduct is an important part of your case! Appearances and professionalism matter to solicitors, judges, and court staff. Dressing appropriately, being respectful, and being on time are all easy steps you can take to make a good impression with the court.

If you are attending court in Jasper, GA, here are a few of their courtroom rules to follow:

  1. Do not be late. Plan to arrive at least 15 minutes before your court time to check in and complete any documentation. If you arrive late, you could be charged with failure to appear or be placed at the very bottom of the calendar.
  2. Do not bring any weapons into the courthouse, including pocket knives.
  3. Electronic devices must be turned off or silenced. Judges do not like devices going off in their courtroom. Sometimes, court staff may require you to leave your phone in the car.
  4. No food, drink, or gum is allowed in the courtroom.
  5. Treat all court staff with respect. This includes yes sir, no sir,
  6. Wear the proper attire. It is in your best interest to dress professionally but if you need further advice, Jasper GA Municipal Court has said that the following is not appropriate for a court appearance, and you will be denied entry into the court room:
  • Ripped or torn jeans
  • Baggy pants that fall below the waist
  • Shorts
  • Tank tops
  • Halters or bare midriffs
  • Hair curlers or hats
  • Bare feet or "flip flops"
  • Muscle shirts
  • Clothing with emblems that condone illegal or inappropriate activity
  • Clothing depicting violence, sexual acts, profanity, or illegal drugs
  • Sunglasses

Your Jasper DUI Lawyer will also inform you of these rules as we want to make sure the court seems you in the most favorable light. If you have any questions about courtroom rules or attire, feel free to reach out to our DUI Attorneys in Jasper GA.

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