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DUI charges are highly prevalent, and you likely know someone who has been charged or convicted of DUI. Even know it is a common offense, it does not mean that it should not be taken seriously. A DUI conviction has the potential to cost you thousands of dollars and can negatively impact your job. If you or a loved one has been charged with DUI, you need to contact our DUI Attorneys in Forsyth County now. It will be the best step you can take to successfully resolving your case!

DUI and Traffic Ticket Lawyers in Forsyth GA

Most people charged with DUI are charged with a traffic violation as well. The traffic violation may be the initial reason for the stop, and then the officer begins to conduct the DUI investigation. Whether you have been charged with DUI or just a traffic charge, our DUI Lawyers in Forsyth County are here to help. We have over 25 years of experience defending these types of charges and have a proven history of getting amazing results for our clients. Some of the traffic tickets we have helped people with include:

Aggressive Driving:  There are many ways a person can receive a ticket for aggressive driving. Some examples include weaving in and out of traffic, flashing headlights, and passing in a no pass zone. 

Distracting Driving/Texting While Driving: The Hands Free law came out in 2019 and banned drivers from using their phones while driving unless they have a hands-free device. 

Too Fast for Conditions: Driving too fast for conditions can occur when it is raining, foggy, or in many other situations. Because it is subject to the officer's opinion, our Forsyth County DUI Lawyers can help in your case. 

Failure to Maintain Lane: Failure to maintain lane can occur when a person touches either the center line or the line to the right without properly signaling. Failure to maintain lane is a common charge associated with accidents and DUIs.

Stop Sign Violation:  Failing to stop or rolling stop as it is commonly known is a very prevalent offense. We are always in a hurry, and people do not like coming to a complete stop. However, you must be careful because the points on your license accompanying a rolling stop will have an impact. Contact a Forsyth County DUI Attorney if charged with failing to stop. 

Fleeing or Attempting to Elude:  Fleeing is a serious traffic offense in Georgia. Drivers must stop if a police officer in an appropriately marked car signals them to pull over. 

Following Too Closely:  Following too closely is generally associated with accidents where a person is rear ended. However, you can receive a ticket by itself. The standard for whether you are following too closely is whether you were a reasonable or prudent distance away from the car in front of you.

Illegal Passing of Emergency Vehicle: To protect emergency personnel, you should move over into the other lane. 

Racing: Speeding and racing are different charges and have different punishments. Racing occurs when two or more vehicles attempt to outdistance the other. Georgia courts heavily punish racing because of the danger racing creates for others. 

Reckless driving: Reckless driving is considered a serious traffic offense in Georgia. It is often associated with other charges such as DUI or speeding. It can occur when a person weaves, drives at excessive speeds, or fails to stop at stop signs. 

Speeding:  One of the most common traffic violations across the nation are speeding tickets. Even a simple speeding ticket can come with large fines and points on your license.

Suspended License: Driving on a suspended license is a slippery slope because if caught, you will get 6 months added onto your suspension period. This puts many people in a vicious cycle that is difficult to get out of. However, our Forsyth County DUI Lawyers have handled hundreds of license suspension cases and are here to help. 

If you have been charged with one of the above offenses or something else altogether, trust our team to help you achieve a great result for your case. Call us today and hear how we can start building your defense.

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