What Happens During a DUI Arrest in Hall County?

While the stop is generally the start of the DUI charge, being arrested marks the start of the criminal process. A person has been arrested once they have been read their Miranda rights and placed in handcuffs. Sometimes, you may have been detained, which is a brief holding, while the officer tries to figure out the situation. If you are released shortly after, then you have been detained and not arrested.

Once you are arrested, do not try to talk your way out of the situation. We urge you to use your “right to remain silent” and contact a Hall County DUI Lawyer as soon as possible.

In addition, once an officer states that you are under arrest, you should comply with all orders. Failing to comply or engaging in any physical action that hinders the arrest process is considered resisting arrest. An obstruction of justice charge could be added, so it is critical to comply with the police when under arrest. This does not mean to try to explain yourself. It just means to follow their directions and physically cooperate as well as give truthful information such as your name, address, and birthdate. 

What Happens Next?

After the arrest, you will be taking to the appropriate booking facility. All items will be removed from your possession, and you will have your photo and fingerprints taken. After the booking process, you are allowed a phone call to a person of their choosing. Most people take this time to call a family member or friend. After this, you are placed in a jail cell until you either post bail or the judge orders your release.

The time it takes to get out of jail varies depending on the charges and your bail status. For more information on bond, please visit our page here.

The next step in the arrest process is generally arraignment. It is the formal charging of the defendant. This is not a trial, and there are no witnesses. In sum, arraignment is when a defendant is notified of the charges against them, and they enter their first plea.

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