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In Cleveland, GA, DUI officers utilize field sobriety tests as a basis for making DUI arrests.  In north Georgia, prosecuting attorneys do not need breathalyzer or blood tests to charge a driver with a DUI and can proceed on the officers observations and the field sobriety tests alone.  What is troubling is that factors like lack of sleep, diabetes, and ADHD can affect the drivers performance on the field sobriety tests.  A driver can fail these tests despite being 100% sober if they have the disability of ADD/ADHD.  

Attention deficit disorder (ADD) or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) have symptoms that the officer often mistakes for alcohol intoxication. The officer may observe the driver being confused or unable to follow their directions when instructing on the field sobriety tests.  Plus, the officer can feel that the driver is inattentive, irritable, or otherwise unusual.  The inability to focus and stay alert may be seen by the driver as intoxication when it is just a sign of ADD. 

If you are facing a Cleveland, GA area DUI charge, call Georgia DUI attorney Richard S. Lawson for a free case evaluation.  Let Mr. Lawson know if you suffer from ADD or ADHD and if you think it had an affect on your ability to perform on the officers field sobriety tests.

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