DUI Science: the effects of alcohol

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Officers in and around Jefferson love to charge drivers with DUI.  If you are facing a Jackson County, Banks County, orJefferson DUI, you are certainly not alone.  Keep in mind that it is not illegal to drink and drive.  It is only illegal to drive when you are impaired by the alcohol.  Impaired or drunk driving can be proven by the state by showing that you were just that - a dangerous and unsafe driver.  You are presumed to be an unsafe driver if you blow a .08 or greater on a breath test.  If the test was refused, the Jefferson prosecuting attorneys must show that you were drunk.

The liver metabolizes only a certain amount of alcohol per hour, regardless of how much alcohol was consumed.  A person's rate of metabolism depends on the amount of metabolizing enzymes in the liver which varies from person to person. As a general rule,
after the consumption of one alcoholic beverage, the amount of alcohol in the blood - the BAC - peaks in about 40 minutes.  Alcohol is metabolized more slowly then you can drink it, so consumption needs to be slowed to prevent intoxication.  Both the ingestion of food and strength of the alcoholic drink can effect absorption.

DUI cases are complex as there are scientific principles at the basis of the charge.  If you are facing a DUI in the Jackson or Banks County area, call DUI attorney Richard Lawson for a free case consultation.

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