Gainesville GA less safe driving DUI charges

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DUI cases are highly scientific.  The Hall County prosecuting attorneys rely heavily on the breath tests that were administered by the arresting officers.  Often though, drivers refuse to partake in the Hall County law enforcements blood or breath testing.  The prosecutors are then left to rely on proving that your behavior shows that you were actually a drunk driver.  This is a tough burden for them to meet.  Often, the  Gainesville prosecuting attorney will argue that you violated traffic offenses like speeding or weaving because you were impaired.  But there are plenty of non-drunk drivers who speed or weave.  This is certainly not conclusive evidence!  They may also point to other factors about the person that mimic the signs alcohol intoxication but are not.  These are characteristics like red or glassy eyes or nervous movements.  There are lots of explanations of why drivers may exhibit these features that have absolutely nothing to do with DUI.

If you are facing unjust DUI charges in the Gainesville / Hall County area, call experienced DUI lawyer Richard S. Lawson today to discuss your case.  The state has to prove the charges against you beyond a reasonable doubt and they are often making some pretty unfair assumptions.

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