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Thousands of drivers get stopped each year and arrested for DUI - driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. If you facing a Hall County DUI charge, you are certainly not alone. Throughout Hall County, the state of Georgia, and the country, DUI arrests are frequent and the consequences are serious. Here are some recent DUI headlines:

Former NHL player Matthew Barnaby was recently arrested for DUI in NY after driving his Porsche on three tires. According to DUI officers, they saw sparks flying from the side of his car. He was stopped and officers determined that he was driving under the influence after he took some field sobriety tests. According to reports, he declined to take a breath test.

An actor from the Disney show "Hannah Montana" was arrested in California when he was pulled over for driving too fast. A DUI investigation was conducted at the scene consisting of several field sobriety tests. The actor, age 20, took a breath test. According to reports he failed such a test. In Hall County, the legal limit for a driver under age 21 is a .02 - a very, very low standard.

Also in CA, actor Ryan Merriman, star of Final Destination 3, was arrested for DUI following a stop for running a red light. The stopping officer suspected him of DUI and an arrest was made.

If any of these arrests for DUI had occured in Gainesville / Hall County, the drivers would likely have spent several hours in the Hall County jail awaiting to make bond. If there is a repeat offense or the DUI had some type of accident or serious injury requiring it be elevated to a felony level, the bond amount would likely be higher or bond might be denied by Hall County judges altogether. Particuarly, if someone is already on probation and is arrested for DUI, it is most likely that they will not be eligible for a bond at all.

If you are facing a Hall County DUI or probation issue, call Hall County DUI lawyer Richard Lawson. Mr. Lawson and his team of lawyers help their clients achieve the best possible results.

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