Gainesville, GA / Hall County DUI Cases - an investigation?

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In Hall County, when you are arrested for DUI, you will likely spend several hours in a Hall County jail and then make a bond (if it is your first DUI offense, each DUI makes your bond amount more expensive and can even lead to a felony charge with bond being denied). The officer will likely take your drivers license and give you a piece of paper to drive with as a temporary permit pending a suspension. Your court date will often be months in advance, leaving you with many questions in the meantime. A DUI is not like a speeding ticket or other traffic offense. It has mandatory probation and jail requirements. Getting and experienced Hall County / Gainesville DUI lawyer is important.

When someone is charged with a Hall County DUI, he or she may have a differing set of goals. Some people know they are guilty and just want to minimize the consequences and keep their license. Others want no jail time what so ever. Yet others know they want to contest their case. These are clients who want a full investigation done. Our Hall County DUI lawyers work with the best investigators and DUI experts in the state of Georgia. There could be problems with the stop and arrest, credibility issues with the officer, a video or audio recording where the driver accused of DUI looks completely sober or is not read key notices and advised of rights, as well as problems with the accuracy and reliability of chemical test / breath test results.

If you are facing a Gainesville, GA or greater Hall County Georgia DUI charge, call our Hall Co. DUI lawyers today for a free case analysis. We can help you get the best possible results on your DUI charges. Our office is open 24/7 to better suit your needs.

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