Paris Hilton Finishes Drug Probation

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Last year, Paris Hilton and her former boyfriend Cy Waits were stopped by Vegas police for a traffic infraction and the driver, Waits, was subsequently arrested for felony DUI for driving under the influence of drugs as well as for possession of marijuana. Hilton was charged with obstruction of law enforcement and for possession of cocaine which reportedly fell out of her purse. Hilton plead guilty following the charged and was sentenced to one year probation. That probation period has ended recently. This is possibly a sigh of relief for Hilton. If the incident had occured in Gainesville, GA in Hall County she would have found herself facing felony charges as possession of cocaine is a felony in Georgia. And Hall County probation is not easy - she would be subject to random screens for drugs and alcohol and required to attend treatment and DUI school in most instances. Any violation of this probation could lead to a probation revocation and time in the Hall County jail.

While Paris is finished with her probation, Waits has only recently struck a plea deal with prosecutors. His drug DUI offense was charged as a felony.

In Hall County, a first time DUI offense is typically charged as a misdemeanor, but if there is an accident or children in the car, this could lead to felony treatment. However, even a first time misdemeanor DUI in Hall County GA usually comes with lengthy probation, high fines, drug and alcohol treatment, and even several days in jail. Not to mention a drivers license suspension. Drug offenses in Hall County also carry suspension of Georgia drivers licenses with no limited permits available. But there are defenses. If you are facing charges in Hall County for DUI or drug possession (or a violation of your drug or DUI probation) call Gainesville, GA attorney Richard S. Lawson. Mr. Lawson has helped many Hall County drivers keep their licenses and get the best possible outcomes on their DUI and drug cases. Call now for a free consultation.

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